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'It hurt': Bellevue neighbors struck by hail while covering car amid storm

Hand full of hail
Karan Pedro recounts hail storm
Pile of hail in Bellevue lawn
Posted at 8:59 PM, Jun 25, 2024
  • Quarter size hail peppered lawns through out Bellevue
  • Two neighbors were struck by hail while trying to cover their vehicle
  • Video shows damage following hail storm


Lawns across Bellevue were peppered with hail Tuesday. Some neighbors spent their evening picking up branches and clearing drains following the storm.

"When it came down it was all sizes, you could here it, it hurt when we came outside," said Karan Pedro

The hail storm started just after 5 o'clock Pedro recalls watching the hail fall from her front porch, she says cars stopped in her driveway to wait for the storm to pass.

"We covered his car because of the hail, yeah we put all kinds of stuff on top of it," said Pedro.

The hail in the Pedro's yard were up to the size of a quarter, but the hail isn't this neighborhoods only problem.

"And the gullies overflowed and then over here it it always floods over there and the cars go by like crazy," said Pedro.

Pedro says whenever it rains the street in front of her home floods, which causes dangerous conditions for drivers that won't slow down