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'It’s just an increase in expenses' Bellevue residents share mixed feelings ahead of sales tax vote

Posted at 1:50 PM, May 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-09 14:50:27-04
  • On Tuesday, Bellevue neighbors will vote on a half cent sales tax the city hopes will generate funding for future growth, and entertainment. Voters share their thoughts ahead of the election.


The sales tax ballot initiative was put in place by the Bellevue City Council in February. If voters approve the tax, it would raise approximately $7 million a year.

The revenue would be used to improve parks, help pay for utility improvements in the Olde Towne area, and at the sites of a new entertainment complex, and a defense industry business campus. The money would not go towards the new waterpark in the works on the southeast side of town.

Voters had mixed feelings about the tax, ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

“If people want the advancements and stuff like that it has to be paid for,” Harlie Brondum, resident and small business owner said. “On the other hand it’s just an increase in expenses and stuff like that.”

It was a solid no from Catherine O’brien, she cited higher property as a key factor in her decision,

“Our property taxes went up a significant amount,” O’Brien said. “I’d really kinda like to see what we do with the money we already have that’s being doled out”.

O’Brien also wants to see the city be more transparent with spending.

If this tax is not approved, Mayor Rusty Hike said property taxes won't increase, but the city will have to pay for parks improvements using property tax revenue adding years to the project timelines.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 13.