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'It’s shocking,' Papillion community disheartened after historic landmark is target of vandalism

Posted at 7:22 PM, Mar 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-27 20:22:47-04
  • Beloved for more than century, the Boy Scouts' Cabin in Papillion has now become the target of vandalism. City officials say cleaning it up won’t be an easy task.


The letters “FJB” were spray painted on the sides and back of the Boy Scouts’ Cabin in Papillion's City Park over the weekend.

“It’s shocking, you don’t really hear about vandalism here,” Elaine Edwards, owner Abby’s Corner said.

The cabin is a well known historic landmark in the community, built in 1921, its now owned by the city, and is still used by Boy Scout Troop 60. Business owners in the nearby downtown area can’t imagine why it would have been targeted.

“It’s just a fun place for schools to go on field trips, for new people who don’t know about our town they come through there.” Edwards said. “It's just really sad that someone would do that.”

The cabin was restored in 2020, the scout troop, city and community played a big role.

A new foundation was added along with touch ups on the cabin.

The cabin was built with Limestone and oak logs, surfaces that are hard to remove graffiti without damage.

City officials have a message for the vandals.

“I hope if they’ve seen any of the reactions that they now understand how much this cabin means to our community.” he said.

Those who work nearby said they’re not letting this act define their community.

“I think as a community we will do everything to clean it up, and make it back to new,” Edwards said.

Papillion Police are relying on the community's help to find whoever’s responsible. Anyone with information is asked to contact them at 402-597-2035.