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Trump allies push Nebraska Republicans on "winner-take-all" electoral vote

Posted at 10:14 PM, Apr 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-10 13:16:26-04


Pressure from Donald Trump allies mounting as they continue to push Nebraska republicans to change state law to move to a winner take all format for electoral votes, includes this rally. Supporters and opponents have converged at Lord of Hosts Church Tuesday April, 9.

"In a red state, we should operate just like every other state and have the complete state be winner take all," said one supporter.

Tuesdays rally brought out republicans that came with a variety of concerns.

"We are a republic and we are heading towards not being a republic anymore," said one concerned Omaha resident

Others were concerned with things like voter fraud.nThese neighbors believe switching to a winner takes all system, will fix these problems.

However, Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Directer Precious Mckesson says the bill would negatively change the landscape of elections in Nebraska, turning purple Omaha's 'blue dot' red.

"When you've got the highest concentrated vote of democrats it is trying to take away that, that voice that we have and it just it's not right, because this bill has been in place since 1992 um and it's never been a factor until now, now knowing that is a critical piece that could decide the presidency," said Mckesson.

Some supporters drove over three hours to see the Turning Point Action speakers, like pod-caster Charlie Kirk.

"I am a big Charlie Kirk fan and I have been listening to every single thing he has been telling us about this and trying to support this great cause," said a supporter that drove from Lexington.

It’s important to note that the legislature voted againsttaking this issue up this session- meaning if it comes back, it will likely have to be in a special session called by Governor Jim Pillen. Many who watch the Nebraska closely say they aren’t positive that that will happen.