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Huskers and Hawkeyes wow fans in thrilling B1G championship game

Posted at 5:56 PM, Mar 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-12 11:18:23-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — At DJ's Dugout, husker and hawkeye fans alike gathered to cheer on their team during the Big Ten Women's Basketball Championship game.

  • Husker fans were excited as this was the teams first appearance in a Big Ten Championship game since 2014.
  • Hawkeye fans were excited because it was a rematch between the rivals, after the Huskers upset the team back in February.
  • The Hawkeye's won the game in overtime 94-89.


At DJ's Dugout in downtown Omaha Husker and Hawkeye fans are cheering for their favorite team during this Big 10 Women's Basketball Championship.

"We're nervous but it'd be great to get a win over Iowa,” said Husker fan Kelsey Mitchell.

Husker fans know what it means to be here in this game as its the team’s first appearance in a big 10 championship since 2014.

"Playing Iowa is a lot of fun they're better than we are but we're shooting the three unbelievably well the last two or three games and passing the ball really well and you know that beating Iowa was really a big deal to those girls," said Husker fan Mike Kratville.

Earlier this season, the Huskers beat the Hawkeyes at home giving fans hope for this rematch.

"They're shutting Caitlyn Clark down which is a big part of a win, I think. I mean cause she pretty much anchors the offense so, I think if they can keep her shut down and keep her from getting fired up on those three points like they did last night then Nebraska could pull off a win," said Husker fan Hank Patton.

It was a close game. Going into overtime had fans from both teams on the edge of their seats.

“I'm just glad she made the last point and the defense held,” said Hawkeye fan Patty Hiles.

A championship game for a rivalry with a mutual respect for one another.

"I think the Huskers are scrappy and that's what they have for them. You know they are; they're going for it so they kind of feel like it looks like they have nothing to lose so they're just in there going for every rebound, shooting every shot," said Hawkeye fan Vicki Cangemi.

“That team has come so far. I'm not a husker fan but I got to say they're playing darn good and I'm telling you going into the tournament I think they got big big big hopes," said Patty.

In the end, the Hawkeyes pulled off the win 94-89, leaving Iowa fans happy and Husker fans looking forward to the NCAA tournament.

"Go hawks right Shay!? Come on give me five girl. Woo my little Hawkeye!" said Patty.

After an Iowa win, Hawkeye fans tell me it's time to celebrate.