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Council Bluffs law enforcement help those in flooded homeless encampments relocate

Posted at 9:00 AM, Jun 27, 2024

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (KMTV) — The Council Bluffs Homeless Outreach Patrol and Council Bluffs Fire Department are helping those experiencing homelessness relocate from flooded emcampments as water levels continue to rise.

  • This week, officers have been warning those experiencing homelessness along the river of the dangers they'll face if they continue to stay there.
  • Those experiencing homelessness can relocate to another emcampment north of the levee where officers say it is safe.
  • The Council Bluffs Police work with a number of organizations to provide these people with resources they need.


Helping neighbors no matter where they are. In Council Bluffs, law enforcement is working to get those experiencing homelessness out of nearby flooded river encampments.

Moving along this stretch of the Missouri, officers with the Homeless Outreach Patrol warn those living here of the dangers they'll face if they continue to stay in areas that are already flooding

"You walk down this little section right down here below us it's probably already waist deep and it may not look like it from where we're standing. But there's again because of the uneven ground in there, there are spots in there that's well over 10 ft deep,” said Officer Dan Stuck with the Council Bluffs Police Department.

Here, an encampment near the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, where around 10 people were living. One man who had stayed was stuck with his dog. Safe on high ground but surrounded by water.

Rescuers got him out, but it’s a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

"We can't see where we're going, the current is starting to pick up the waters rising. So, we just have to be careful about where we're stepping, what we're stepping into, taking our time,” said firefighter Matt Krzycki with the Council Bluffs Fire Department.

So where can these neighbors go now?

"Back up the trail this way we have an area north that's on the safe side of the levees. It's on the other side of the levee, that were allowing them to be in there,” said Officer Stuck.

This was the officers third rescue of the day.

And while they've been able to get most people moved, they'll continue to patrol this area until everyone is accounted for.

"This is the best way we know how is to, you know, go and assist them to a better situation,” said Krzycki.

With upwards of 50 people who live in these encampments it may take some time.

The Council Bluffs police work with several organizations like New Visions and Heartland Family Services to provide these people with the resources they need if they're willing to accept the help.