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Water has reached the levee in Council Bluffs but it's not concerning residents

35th street Council Bluffs underwater
Levee Council Bluffs near 35th and Gifford
Gifford Road under water
Posted at 9:25 PM, Jun 26, 2024
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Monday we checked on residents who live in a voluntary evacuation zone, neighbors told us they were staying put. But, have the rise flood levels and rounds of rain changed their minds?

Wednesday Hannah McIlree headed to Gifford road, it's the first street next to this stretch of the Missouri River and was shocked by what she saw.

The flood water had taken over where she spoke to neighbors just two days ago.

"We're super worried about our house, the integrity of it, if we'll flood," said Jennifer Henry.

Neighborhood, Fox Run, is on the other side of the levee and in one ofPottawattamie Counties two voluntary floodevacuation zones.

The buzz on this block is that the water has reached the levee, but neighbors aren't planning to pack their bags and head out anytime soon.

"Right now we're planning on riding it our, but that's always in the air depending on what happens," said Henry.

Libby and Rob Riggs are also staying out, they say their minds are at ease, because they lived in this neighborhood during the flood in 2019 and their house didn't take on any water.

"One of our kids whose really into the weather and keeping an eye on stuff so we go out to to check to levee several time a day," said Libby.