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An effort helping flood survivors get out of hotels and into affordable homes

Heartland Hope Mission has a $20,000 fundraising goal to help families with first month's rent, deposits, food, and more, and a donor is matching every donation to help meet it by June 14.
Posted at 8:34 PM, Jun 07, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - A Comfort Suite in North Omaha, one place some families are staying after losing their home to a flood at the Grandridge Apartments. It's temporary, and One south Omaha based organization is working to raise enough funds to place them into affordable housing, but to do so, they're asking for your help.

  • Families stay in hotels while looking for housing
  • Video shows flood at Grandridge Apartments
  • Heartland Hope Mission is matching every donation up to $20,000
  • Money is for first month's rent, deposit and more
  • The organization hopes to fund raise it by June 14


Shelly Barnes and her daughter are staying strong while adjusting to their home, a hotel.

"That you have to live here, this is where you have to brush your teeth, wash your face, until you get back on your feet, it's a different feeling," said Barnes.

Earlier this month, Barnes lost her apartment to a flood at the Grandridge Apartments

"The shoes that we were wearing was floating in the water, it was like, we couldnt believe it," said Barnes.

Nearly everything washed away except for some pictures including ones of her parents who have passed.

And adjusting to living here has taken a toll.

"Its mentally, physically, emotionally very taxing," she said.

Barnes did not have home insurance and lives on a fixed income, therefore finding affordable housing is a challenge.

"Not knowing when that day is gonna come, when they say you've been approved to get a place, you know that you can now go back to somewhat normal," said Barnes.

She's pushing through this for her daughter who has stage four kidney cancer and diabetes.

"Try to be strong knowing that she everyday have to keep fighting just to stay alive even," she said.

But now, Heartland Hope Mission, a South Omaha based organization is stepping to help Barnes and 14 families get housing and another 12 families with essentials like medical help and food.

"We are helping the families with the first month's rent, deposit, and we're helping them when they get into their place to get everything they need," said Salifou.

CEO Pastor Chelsea Salifou tells me a donor named Mike Cassling is matching every donation.

"So that means if we get 20,000 donated, he'll match $20,000 and that will really get these families into housing," she said.

On Thursday, Barnes was approved for housing, news she didn't expect.

"I couldn't believe it, I didn't know how to react," said Barnes.

Barnes is grateful, but hopes other families get help too.

Pastor Salifou is asking neighbors for help to meet the $20,000 goal for families to get housing.