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One North Omaha resident says the violence needs to be acknowledged and stopped

Early Monday morning, police tell us they discovered a 19-year-old near Yates and 16th with a bloody nose and a cut above her eye.
Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-01 20:30:12-04
  • Video shows Yates and 16th street and North Omaha.
  • Maleek Thomas-McKnight, spoke with us about the what he's seen and heard since living in his new apartment nears Yates and 16th.
  • Thomas-McKnight says holding all people accountable, especially children is important to lower the violence in his neighborhood.


A woman found beaten early Monday morning, at 16th and Yates in North Omaha. I'm Melissa Wright, your North Omaha neighborhood reporter, where police are searching for those suspects and neighbors I spoke with tell me they are concerned with what's happening right outside their windows.
Police tell us early Monday morning they discovered a 19-year-old near Yates and 16th with a bloody nose and a cut above her eye. Police are still investigating but they say the victim is not cooperating and unwilling to share information with officers.

“I mean it’s just frustrating… because it’s so violent. You know what i’m saying…no one is doing nothing about it. They just want to suit head and sugar coat the oh the crime rate is high,” said Maleek Thomas-McKnight.

Maleek Thomas- McKnight,born and raised in North Omaha, says he's lived in this area for about a year.

“I’ve heard gun shots…multiple…20 at a time… my car has actually be broken into,” said Thomas-McKnight.

Thomas-McKnight says not much has changed in North Omaha over the years but he thinks, holding the youth accountable is important.

"We got all these apartments… all these bad kids…all these terrible parents.. that just let these kids do whatever they want to do…and it’s like…it ain’t no different,” said Thomas-McKnight.

McKnight added it all comes down to one thing.

“People are going to do what they are going to do. So I mean, community accountability… all help the situation,”

We spoke with another neighbor but shortly after the interview, he told us he did not want his interview on TV. He added he might be labeled by people in the area and there may be consequences for speaking with the news.
It's is still unclear if the woman found injured lives in the area or if she was driven here.