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Here is what the next 20 years of Omaha Parks & Rec could look like

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 03, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Omaha Parks and Recreation will develop a 20-year Master Plan to improve and create new parks. The goal is to create greater park accessibility to every neighbor in Omaha.

  • Omaha Parks and Recreation Director Matt Kalcevich spoke to us about the plan.
  • Community conversation will be a huge part of the research that goes into the project, to learn what Omahan's want when it comes to these shared spaces.
  • The contractor, BerryDunn will have 15 months to design the Master Plan. Once completed, it'll be available for neighbors to view on the projects website.


As Omaha continues to grow, so do park spaces and it's one of the reasons people want to be here.

"256 parks, 14 outdoor pools, 12 community centers, eight golf courses."

Maintaining and updating our parks is something on the city's mind as they work to create a 20-year Master Plan

The goal? To improve current parks and create new ones to make them more accessible to everyone.

"They're not going to be in everybody’s neighborhood park or the park around the corner, but if they can be within 10 minutes’ walk of that park, they call their home park, and maybe within a half mile of some of those other unique features. That's the strategy, that’s the kind of detailed focus we want to have to make sure people are being provided for."

Omaha Parks and Rec Director Matt Kalcevich tells us over the last 20 years infrastructure at current parks has taken a toll and that the city has fallen a little behind in terms of services compared to some of the national trends.

"Whether it be dog parks, skate parks, pickleball, updated playgrounds, new features of playgrounds," Kalcevich said giving a few examples.

With this new plan, community conversation will be a huge part of the research on this project to learn what Omahans want when it comes to these shared spaces.

"Well, that's just it. It's the quality-of-life piece. We consider it as important as anything that we offer through the city for the fact that the city is attractive to people for these kinds of opportunities."

Kalcevich says it’s about making Omaha a place for those now and the next generation to come.

“And that's part of what I think helps make this the destination. It is on top of all the other great things the city has to provide."

Once the contractor completes the design for the Master Plan it'll be available for neighbors to view on the project's website. That'll be in the fall of 2026.