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Ramblewood neighbors can't catch a break, now dealing with flood damage

"It's just been a lot in the last month"
Posted at 9:15 PM, May 21, 2024

ELKHORN, Neb. (KMTV) — In Ramblewood people are still dealing with tornado damage. Now, they face a new round of storm damage. We spoke to neighbors about the recent storms that brought flood waters inside their homes.

  • Colleen Sammartino felt lucky after the April 26th tornado left her home with minimal damage, but now her home has flooded. She's hoping her and her family can catch a break.
  • Brandon Baxter also had minimal tornado damage but experienced flooding in his basement and garage.
  • We checked in with Brandon after the second wave of storms hit on Tuesday to see how he and other neighbors were holding up.


In the Ramblewood area people are still dealing with tornado damage and now they have a new round of storm damage.

The problems started early in the morning.

"This was all full of water...."

Colleen Sammartino woke up to water in her home.

“And then our basement, but we ripped out all the carpet."

She says she was feeling pretty lucky with only minor damage from the tornado until flooding hit her house.

"I just hope I get a break in today's storm doesn't bring something else, so it's just been a lot in the last month," she said.

Colleen and neighbors are doing what they can to clean up.

Brandon Baxter did what he could to prevent flood water from getting into his house.

"I grabbed what bags of mulch that I could, and then I started using those sandbags to block the doorway to keep the water from getting into the main house,” he said. “I’m very lucky that I didn't have any serious damage."

Another incident right outside the neighborhood left a family stuck in a ditch while water filled their car.

Scared for their lives, the family was stuck for 40 minutes until first responders could pull them out.

Now all these neighbors are holding their breath hoping another storm doesn't come.

Omaha Rapid Response tells us they're also assisting with those impacted.

We checked in with neighbors following the second set of storms in the day

Ramblewood neighbors can't catch a break, now dealing with flood damage

In the morning, we spoke to Brandon Baxter. His garage and part of the basement was flooded.

After being hit by a tornado and now this, Brandon says he likes to be prepared.

“I don’t take anything for granted anymore. Anytime there’s an emergency alert system/notification, I always take that very seriously and this time was no different,” he said.

He says no further damage was done following the most recent storm, but he’s glad he was able to get everything back in his garage after cleaning it out from the flood.

Now the road is starting to dry up, helping neighbors like Brandon with cleanup.