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STOLEN VAN FOUND: Home camera footage shows more from teens in West O terrorizing neighbors

Posted at 6:16 PM, Feb 20, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-20 19:16:19-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — While it may look like a prank, neighbors in West O want the nighttime disruptions from teens driving around in a van to stop. The van they were driving was confirmed stolen and found in Northwest O.

  • Video shows home security footage capturing the face of one of the teens and the moment they ditched the van in Northwest O.
  • Donn Seidholz lives in the neighborhood where the van was abandoned and called the authorities after realizing it was the same van terrorizing neighbors.
  • Omaha police confirmed the van was one of two stolen from Brite Ideas Decorating.


Initially scared, neighbors now mad are taking to the authorities after a group of teens created chaos in their neighborhoods. We've recently learned some new information, including where the van the teens were driving was abandoned in the Greyhawk East neighborhood.

But before they ditched this van, this group sped through neighborhoods in the middle of the night Saturday and Sunday kicking front doors and slamming into garage doors.

The noise waking up people in West Omaha from the Harvey Oaks neighborhood near 144th and West Center north to Greyhawk east at 144th and Maple.

Home camera footage shows the moment when the group ditched the van in front of Donn Seidholz's home — But not before knocking over a mailbox on another street.

"I think the only reason they were here was because it was a quick place to drop the car off and exit over to 144th. They must've had somebody waiting for them out on the street over there and you know they're gone,” said Donn.

The van sat in front of Donn's home until the police hauled it away Monday.

"I just figured it was one of the neighbors."

New Tuesday: Investigators confirmed it is one of two stolen from Brite Ideas decorating near 156th and Blondo over the weekend.

It may look like a prank but to neighbors like Donn its concerning and they want it to stop.

"So that these other kids that are thinking about doing this for fun or whatever reason they're doing it for know that there are consequences,” said Donn.