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'Comes from my dreams': Local artists holds event for neighbors to release their inner artist

The gallery talk at El Museo Latino on Saturday is on waking dreams, when inspiration comes from drifting into sleep.
Posted at 8:06 PM, May 31, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - It's bright, colorful, and it comes from a realm of creativity. The artist of the mural on South 24th street has an event at El Museo Latino helping neighbors unleash their inner artist.

  • Sedra's gallery talk is at El Museo Latino on June 1st at 1PM
  • Waking dreams is inspiration stemming from drifting to sleep
  • Video shows Azetc Mural on South 24th Street Sedra painted


Murals are popular in Omaha, each holding a special meaning.

Daniel Sedra who's from Tenochtitlan, Mexico that meant painting a pan-Mesoamerican god named Tlātloc.

The shapes represent abundance, prosperity, and energy of the rain.

And his inspiration stems from something so common, sleep.

"Most of it comes from my dreams," said Sedra.

He practices waking dreams, a time when a person drifts into sleep and feel inspired.

It's can happen when playing meditating sounds and images.

His favorite artist Salvador Dalí used it too.

"Sometimes you're dreaming about, like in my case, patterns or shapes or figures that I want to keep it," said Sedra.

It's all natural, a common question Sedra gets when working.

"Hey, you do drugs when you're doing art and I say, no I have to be focused and I need to be clear," said Sedra.

On Saturday, he'll teach neighbors through a gallery talk at Museo Latino.

It's an event helping neighbors unleash creativity on paper.

"It has to be on you feeling it, you just have the inspiration, and when you have inspiration, you do it with passion," said Sedra.

Neighbors will also take home a journal to write down dreams and draw their own dream catcher.

Sedra's gallery talk is free, but the cost general admission to the museum is $5 or less.