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Every penny helps: Cottage bakers say micro grant helps keep them afloat while costs rise in Omaha

This family who struggled to make ends meet last year, plan to use the money they won toward vendor fees, insurance, and supplies for their cottage bakery store.
Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 10, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - Rising inflation can make or break a small business and for some cottage bakers, it's the business insurance that's eating into their budget for ingredients. Those same business owners tell me even the little assistance available in Omaha helps keep them afloat.

  • The couple says insurance prices has gone up almost $200
  • Video shows cottage bakers selling at BBQ restaurant


Latasha Bolden and her husband Kinte Hearn love to cook ; it's their passion and the main source of income for their family.

"Cooking to me expressing your love and feelings and emotions through food," said Hearn.

They say costs have gone up nearly 50% and when adding up business insurance, vendor fees, and the costs of ingredients, they struggled to make ends meet last year.

"Most of the groceries, money that were spending was for supplies for the business that we weren't able to food to our household," said Bolden.

Through their struggles, they relied on the support of friends, family and neighbors.

"It's continuing to know that you do have that love and support from your family that they're still in your corner to support you is probably the best feeling in the world you know," said Hearn.

Now they're at Wayne's BBQ every week, selling what they can.

Earlier this month, the family won a micro grant from Nebraska for Us.

It's money Bolden will put toward bills.

"I was like yes, you would have thought we won $10,000 dollars because that's what I thought it was initially ha ha...for what it is, it's amazing, just to be honored in that aspect," said Bolden.

And while it's not much, they're grateful and say it's money that will help keep them afloat.