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Health care facility plans to expand services with a new building

The state approves a $10 million dollar project to improve healthcare in Omaha.
Posted at 9:56 AM, Feb 09, 2024

OMAHA, Neb (KMTV)— A health care facility plans to expand services by constructing a new building. It is a $10 million project to address a need for services.

  • The project is under the North and South Omaha Recovery Grants.
  • Video shows where they plan to expand the facility.

The One World Community Health Center in South Omaha is poised to expand its care offerings for the neighborhood after the state announced a massive grant.
"South Omaha should be no different than anywhere else and should have the same resources than everywhere else and have the same resources that everyone else does," says CEO Andrea Skolkin.

She says their goal is to serve more people after seeing a demand in behavioral health services.

The money will come from the Department of Economic Development, which approved the center’s $10 million grant proposal to construct a building in South Omaha across from the livestock exchange building.

Each of the three floors has a goal. The top floor is to create more spaces for patients in behavioral health. Floor two is for workforce development.

“We don’t have places to meet, or to teach or to coach,” says Skolkin.

And floor one-- on-site childcare for employees and the public.

“So you can go see your child or be with them for lunch, is really important for parent child bonding,” says Skolkin.

She says the money will only cover the construction of the building

“Were gonna need the support of philanthropies as the cost has risen and the things we always underestimate”.

There are still a lot of tasks to accomplish before everything is in place, but their ultimate goal is to have this up and running within two to three years.