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Local effort to strengthen ties between Omaha and Italy

A trip for the Carlentini kids who discovered relatives in Omaha
Posted at 7:40 PM, May 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-08 20:40:12-04

OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) - A group of kids from Italy visit Omaha hoping to learn more about America; some discover relatives in South Omaha. The local effort aims to strengthen ties in Carletnini, Italy and eventually make it Omaha's sister city.

  • Ten kids from Carlentini, Italy visit Omaha to learn more about America
  • Carlentini Omaha Association says most Italians in Omaha trace heritage to Carlentini
  • Video shows exchange students playing soccer with local kids


A local effort to strengthen ties between Italy and Omaha.

A group of ten kids from Carlentini, Italy are spending this week in Omaha, hoping to learn more about the U.S.

On their trip, they're playing soccer, enjoying meals, and even discovering potential family connections with locals in South Omaha.

"In the beginning he wasn't really quite sure what to expect, um but this was great," says traveler Frederico Sfilio's translator.

Sam Troia and Connie Floridia found out they're related Frederico Sfilio, who arrived from Italy earlier this week.

"Federico and I are related," exclaimed Troia.

Connie Floridia is part of the Carlentini Omaha Association that helped plan the trip.

"This is probably maybe the only opportunity they may have to leave and experience another country," says Floridia.

Its their effort to eventually make Carlentini and Omaha sister city.

"Its amazing, I wish my parents were alive, they would have absolutely loved this, but they're gone so I'm making the connection," says Floridia.

Their goal is to strengthen the ties between Omaha and Italy.

"There's a big connection with Omaha and Carlentini Siciliy , because most Italians in Omaha came from Carlentini," says Troia.

"We're half a world away but were still together," he says.

And getting people face to face, learn more about each other and keep in touch was the next step.

The association hopes efforts like this helps make Carlentini and Omaha sister city.