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South O neighbors want a speed bump on their street; unique problem stands in the way

They reach road block after collecting 18 signatures for a petition, but only 10 of them are property owners, a requirement from the city.
Posted at 6:47 PM, Jun 03, 2024

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - All they want is for people to slow down, people in Christie Heights are trying to get a speed bump installed because they say drivers are going too fast. But now, they've reached a road block themselves because of whose name is on the deed to their homes.

  • Neighbors have until July 22nd to collect all 18 property owner signatures
  • Watch video to see screeching tires in Christie Heights neighborhood
  • Take a look at the handwritten signs neighbors created to slow down drivers


Neighbors who live here tell me speeding continues to be an issue.

In April, their neighborhood was a detour to nearby construction.

One neighbor shared this video of screeching tires.

They called the police and placed these signs in their yards.

Now, Tony Lara who grew up here is fed up with speeders.

"Someone's gonna get hurt and the person who hurt that person is gonna feel bad," said Lara.

He and others requested a speed bump under the city's traffic calming program.

He collected 18 signatures of supporting neighbors, but there's one problem, the city requires those signatures come from property owners; Here, all but 8 neighbors are renters.

"I did not know that you had to be an owner to sign the petitions, most of these people are just residents or renting," said Lara.

Now, he's left to collect the remaining 10 by July 22nd or this case will close.

Others neighbors are hopeful for change.

"That's not right, I mean they don't have to live on the street," said neighbor Janet Boughton.

"Who cares if the landlord lives maybe in Colorado, this traffic here, people speeding here isn't gonna affect them, but it affects people living in their homes," said Lara.

They hope a speed bump can make this street safer in the future.