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See how neighbors band together and work with deputies to slow down fast drivers

Sheriff ticket thirteen speeding drivers in two and a half hours
Posted at 9:21 PM, Apr 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-05 22:46:46-04

OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) - Too many drivers going way too fast, some Mandan Park neighbors asked Douglas County Sheriff to step in. On Wednesday, deputies ticketed thirteen cars driving over speed limit.

  • The Douglas County Sheriff department has what they call a "Community Action Team," that respond to concerns from neighbors who live within city limits.
  • Deputies say they clocked one car doing 77 miles an hour in a 40 mile an hour zone.
  • The team says it will continue to patrol the area.
  • Video shows cars on South 13th street near Mandan Park in South Omaha

On Wednesday, we told you a story about some neighbors on 36th avenue and o street experiencing fast drivers in their neighborhood. The same problem is happening in the Mandan Park neighborhood.

Some neighbors who live here, asked Douglas County Sheriff to step in.

0:22 hannah holguin

Neighbor Hannah Holguin says,"Because our kitchen table is right through these windows, and we'll be eating dinner, and you'll go peewwm the cars will just be speeding by."

Holguin lives on South 13th street with her husband Sal and three kids.

A main road for some, a racetrack for others.

"It's usually around dusk and after that were seeing flyers," says Holguin.

During the day, Holguin says parking cars in the driveway and crossing the street to let her kids play at this trail is a challenge.

"The streets already busy, and so its more of an awareness because we have young children, and its like you can't be in the front yard because its not safe," says Holguin.

This neighborhood letter carrier sees speeders while at work.

"People drive pretty erratically though this neighborhood, so having to park in front of the houses and the car kind of sways back and forth," he says.

Holguin reached out to the Douglas County Sheriff's community action team for help.

It responds to concerns from neighbors who live within city limits.

"Park in my driveway see it for yourself, and they took me up on it," says Holguin.

On Wednesday, deputies, armed with radar guns, enforced the 40 mile an hour speed limit.

Sal Holguin says, "and ended up making at least 12 stops in 2 and a half hours."

One car clocked at 77 miles an hour.

Thursday, sheriff set up the speed zone again and stopped 3 more cars in two hours.

"I actually got teary eyed, because I'm like you're doing, you're listening to me, and you're caring enough to circle back," says Holguin.

Douglas County Sheriff's office says deputies will continue to patrol the area.