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South Omaha neighbors react to concerning discovery: "Never seen a hole in the bridge before"

A hole spotted in an Omaha bridge is fixed now, but neighbors are still amazed by what they saw. State officials plan to reconstruct the bridge in 2029.
Posted at 6:58 PM, May 24, 2024

OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) - Earlier this week, there was a hole in the deck of the bridge on 38th and L street, and you could see straight through the sky. It's fixed now, but neighbors are still amazed by what they saw.

  • NDOT maintains the bridge and plans to reconstruct it in 2029
  • Video shows hole through South Omaha bridge on 38th and L street
  • NDOT says bridge is still safe to drive on after patching hole


It's a sight so unusual, you need a second to realize what's on screen.

This week, one woman captured this video, shared on Facebook, showing a hole in L street as it passes over 38th street.

Locals know all about pot holes, but this is an actual hole, through the road.

Thomas Arellano has lived here for 40 years.

"Never seen a hole in the bridge before, not like that," said Arellano.

He's now worried about the condition of the bridge.

"It's going to hurt somebody," he said.

Nebraska Department of Transportation maintains the bridge.

Workers patched the hole this week.

NDOT operations director Jim Laughlin tells me the entire bridge is slated for reconstruction, but it could take years to complete the project; perhaps until 2029.

"I wish we could had more money and we could do things on a timely basis, but we don't have the funding to do that," said Laughlin.

"I'm just hoping they can reconstruct it better, you know, period. It's all that needs to happen," said Arellano.

Until that larger project starts, NDOT plans to use smaller repairs to make sure it's drive-able.

For now, the bridge is open and operating as normal.