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'They shot him:' Family responds to teen shot during Cinco de Mayo celebration

Bullet passed through the 15-year-old's right thigh
Posted at 8:15 PM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 23:01:57-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — An update on the teen who was shot in the leg on Sunday near the Cinco de Mayo Festival in South Omaha.

  • Police located the 15-year-old victim at S. 22nd and O Street
  • The teenager says he felt a burning sensation while running
  • Video shows teen's gunshot wound wrapped in a bandage
  • Teen's father says it's not the first time the kids were targeted

Families were enjoying the Cinco de Mayo Omaha festival along 24th Street when the shooting happened outside the event area near 24th and L Street.

The teen who was shot tells me he was trying to leave the area when he felt a burning sensation in his leg, he was shot in his right thigh.

The bullet passed through his leg.

We are not identifying him or his family because they fear retaliation.

His parents were at home when they got the news, their gut feeling that something bad might happen, coming true.

The victim's mom says,"Well I told him don't go, or go with your sister, because I said later he'll be in problems, like he went with his brother."

His father says,"Like I said, he got here and said they shot him, and I thought the worst, I said where did they shoot him and in what part."

The say this isn't the first time one of their children has been targeted, they tell me another son is involved in a gang.

"They've roamed the house many times, and I'm telling you five or four months ago they went and opened fire," says the teen's dad.

He believes whoever shot their son was trying to hurt his brother.

"Supposedly the shots were for Luis, Luis told me the shots were for him," he says.

Moving forward the teen's parents are limiting the time these brothers spend time together.

"I feel bad because they're brothers and they want to hang out together," says the teen's dad.

The family is grateful the teenager suffered minor injuries.

Police took four juvenile suspects into custody.