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Iowa storm survivors want authorities to protect homes while they rebuild

One neighbor fired shots into air to keep looters away from neighborhood
Posted at 7:06 PM, Apr 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-29 20:06:05-04

OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) - Crescent Iowa storm survivors are cleaning up what's left of their homes, and now they're concerned about looters in their neighborhood.

  • Neighbors want authority to help protect homes while they re-build
  • One neighbor fired shots to keep looters away from neighborhood
  • Video shows some storm damage in Crescent, Iowa
  • Video shows how neighbors take drastic steps to steer looters away


Neighbors like Cindy Mattox are taking steps to rebuild properties and ensure safety in the area.

After her home was destroyed Friday.

"I keep getting flashbacks of me laying in bed with my son at night reading him a story and that's gone," says Mattox.

Now, neighbors have another concern, looters scouting the area.

"I don't understand why people would do that in a time of tragedy like this, its just, that's unthinkable to me," she says.

She says that she and her neighbors have spotted looters, pointing flashlights at empty homes in the neighborhood in the night.

Some are taking drastic steps to prevent them, this man didn't want to reveal his identity over safety concerns.

"Haha, I had to shoot a couple rounds just out in the country and the trees just to scare people away and get them to run," he says.

"It's something you don't need to do at this time of our lives, but its just one of those things you gotta do to protect everyone's stuff around here," he says.

Mattox and others are asking for more patrols to protect the area.

"I did see a Sheriff's car drive by earlier, but at night when nobody's here, that would be very comforting to know that at least the house is being watched," says Mattox.

Mattox and her family hope extra patrolling in the area will deter looters from trying to come into the area.