The Penguin Cam is temporarily down. Stay tuned for a new view coming soon.

About the penguin exhibit
This exhibit is home to three species of penguins that reside in the sub-Antarctic regions surrounding Antarctica. They are each very different from other in size and appearance, but are found in similar habitats, and can even be seen in some areas together. The three species are King, Gentoo, and Rockhopper. Currently living in this habitat are 21 King, 43 Gentoo and 28 Rockhopper penguins.

The exhibit is cooled with an air handling system, chilled water, and snow. The snow is a fantastic third substrate for the penguins’ feet, as well as a water source for birds that eat it.

The lighting replicates a southern light cycle making it the same as where the birds are found in the wild. For example, during a Nebraska summer, it is the penguins’ winter, and the light level will be much lower than what you would find in Omaha at that time.

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